Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles

Suppose I’ve just made the switch to biblatex. I have chosen one of the built-in styles (numeric, alphabetic, authoryear, authortitle, verbose) or of the custom styles available at CTAN, and I’ve figured out how to sort/compress citations. The bibliography and the in-text-citations look approximately like I want, but need to be tweaked. I’ve taken a […]

Biber on MiKTeX

I am trying to use biblatex and Biber for citation. I installed MiKTeX 2.9/32bit (at first I tried 64 bit, but I have read that Biber is not included in x64). Now I want to run a simple file with one citation, but the problem is I get a PDF without the bibliography. Is there […]

Customizing biblatex

I want to customize the authortitle- (it’s just because i don’t want to create my own style. Too difficult for me) Well, I would like the following nomenclature : @book : NAME F. N., title, address, publisher, date. @article : NAME F. N., “article”, journal, Tome, date,page. @inbook : NAME F. N., “chapter”, booktitle, […]

Different Citation Styles

This might be a bit tricky and as far as I understood the biblatex manual, it’s not possible but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask… My minimal working example: \begin{filecontents}{men.bib} @ARTICLE{Lewis2009, author = {Dustin A. Lewis}, title = {Unrecognized Victims: Sexual Violence Against Men in Conflict Settings Under International Law}, journal = {Wisconsin International […]

Biblatex Referencing

I’m trying to reference my paper(harvard style), but the code I’ve been using isn’t working for me, and I don’t know why. Whenever I’m trying to do the “quick build” run on my TexMaker, it’ll tell me that it can’t find ‘etoolbox.sty’, and that my pdf will display question marks. I don’t understand why I’ll […]

Define bibchecks using a loop

I’m trying to create subcategories for my bibliography with headings by year (using biblatex). I found I can use defbibcheck to check by year like so:


Alternative \citetitle command without italics

How can I define a new command \citetitleIdem which behaves like \citetitle but not using italics? I am using biblatex with natbib.

I do not want to change the behaviour of \citetitle, therefore this suggestion doesn’t apply…

Reverse citation order of two library entries

I have the following problem illustrated by a simple example: If I cite the paper of an author T. Coven in my document, the outcome is ‘Coven (2004b)’. If I cite the appendix to this paper, the outcome is ‘Coven (2004a)’. Now…

Getting really bare numeric citations in biblatex

I’ve finally given in and gone over to biblatex, at least for my thesis. I’m using a superscripted numeric reference style, and that works nicely. However it’s sometimes useful to be able to say something like “Data taken f…